Just for Chinese Americans:

Smash the
glass ceiling

With insider guidance
from Joy Chen 陈愉
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Just for Chinese Americans:

Smash the
glass ceiling

With insider guidance
from Joy Chen 陈愉
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Did you know that
Chinese Americans face a glass ceiling?


Thanks to the Model Minority Myth,
most people assume that Asian Americans are "doing just fine."

In fact, Asian Americans are America’s MOST educated group –
and the LEAST likely to get promoted.
We’re 12% of the workforce, but only 1.5% of Fortune 500 corporate officers.

Most of those 1.5% are Indian-Americans.

The truth is, Chinese Americans are
Corporate America’s best-educated, hardest-working, worker bees.

Start smashing glass with executive coaching

Why does the Chinese American Glass Ceiling exist, and how do we smash it?

Joy explains. Watch now.

Smash glass with Joy
Meet our Founder

Joy Chen 陈愉

I know exactly how companies choose leaders, because for seven years, I did the choosing, as an executive search consultant for Fortune 500 companies.

Before that, I was a Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles.

I also know how Chinese companies work. For the past decade, I've split my time between the U.S. and China, where I've been working as the executive coach the Wall Street Journal called "An American Lean-In Guru in China."

You may know me as author of the China best-sellers DO NOT MARRY BEFORE AGE 30 《30岁前别结婚》 and HOW TO GET LUCKY IN YOUR CAREER 《30岁趁势二位》.

Now, I’m back in the States, and ready to help you ace the corporate game.


Smash glass with Joy >

The Wall Street Journal

features Joy as "An American Lean-In Guru in China" in a print and video profile. Watch now. 

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