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Asian American Leaders Network

Welcome to the Asian American Leaders Network!


Welcome to the Asian American Leaders Network on LinkedIn!

Asian Americans are America's MOST educated group -- and the LEAST likely to get promoted.

It's a chicken-and-egg scenario. We need insider guidance to get to the top, but since so few of us have gotten to the top, it's hard to find mentors.

I've been so lucky to have gotten to the top, of three different careers on three different continents. Now, my mission is to expand access to opportunities for Asian Americans at ALL levels of business and society.

That's why I started this group. Inside, each week, I give you a livestream training and other resources to help you smash the glass ceiling.  

Our group is also a warm and safe place for us to hang out, be ourselves, exchange ideas, network and swap resources.

It's 100% free. 

With this network, I plan to nurture a whole community of great American leaders.

Will you be among them? I hope so!


Meet your executive coach

Joy Chen 陈愉

Joy Chen is the world-renowned leadership coach and author whom the Wall Street Journal calls "a Lean-In Guru" and the Los Angeles Times refers to simply as "The Networker."

She formerly served as a Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles and as an executive search consultant and coach for Fortune 500 companies across North America, Europe and Asia.

Now, she’s here to help you ace the corporate game.

Joy Chen Headshot

How to qualify for membership

To be a member of the Asian American Leaders Network, you should be at a point in your career that you are ready to start smashing glass right away.

You should have a minimum of three years of work experience with demonstrated achievements. Current graduate students are also welcome. I put these qualifications in place because the Network is not just for learning. It’s for taking action and making impact on our world.

We'll be hosting this group on LinkedIn.

To apply, simply complete the below form.

On the EMAIL line, use the best email address for us to send you Joy's live-stream training announcements and other insider resources.