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Start smashing glass now

1:1 and small-group executive and leadership coaching opportunities available now
on a limited basis

You know you're capable of so much...

Now, it’s time for you to get the career you've been preparing for all these years

Asian American glass ceiling

You want to leverage all your education and hard work to achieve more...

but you’re living with the stress of just not living up to your full potential.

Asian American glass ceiling

You want to make the strategic connections that you know you need...

but it's hard to fully express yourself when others don't seem to be fully welcoming.

Asian American glass ceiling

You wish you had a mentor to help you up...

but few if any people at the top look like you, and it's hard to find someone willing to help.

bottom line:

You want to
understand and bridge the culture gap,
identify and overcome unconscious bias,
learn and master the unwritten rules of the game,


so that you can smash the glass ceiling
and take your career to the next level.

the simple truth is:

when you combine deep competence with
powerful connection skills,
your possibilities are limitless.


That's where JOYOUS comes in.


We are not a typical executive coaching firm, with their one-size-fits-all approaches
which start and end within
mainstream Western mindsets, behaviors, and assumptions. 

At JOYOUS, we start from within Asian American cultures,
the way you were brought up,
the way you behave now.

And we help you bridge over to the mindsets, skills, behaviors
required to lead in the West.

Joy Chen JOYOUS Asian American leadership development management executive coach glass ceiling training trainer speech speaker DEI diversity equity inclusion Asian Bosses Network C-Suite

Meet our Founder
Joy Chen 陈愉

I know exactly how companies choose leaders, because for seven years, I did the choosing, as an executive search consultant for Fortune 500 companies.

Before that, I was a Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles.

You may know me as the author of the China best-sellers Do Not Marry Before Age 30 《30岁前别结婚》and How to Get Lucky in Your Career《30岁趁势而为》.

By now, I’ve worked at the top of three industries on three continents.

Now, I’m back in the States and ready to help you ace the corporate game.

How does executive coaching at JOYOUS work?

Joy explains. Watch now.

executive coaching

The Transformation

You've already gained all the education and the hard skills you need.
Now comes the fun part!
We help you gain the insider knowledge, soft skills and professional network you need now.

Asian American glass ceiling

Forget about temporary fixes. We’re here to help you transition once and for all from highly-competent professional to high-impact, high-value leader in the Western context. 


Take control of how you're perceived by others. We’ll show you how to identify and counter unconscious bias, and how to gain a sense of full belonging for yourself and others. As someone who knows first-hand how it feels to be excluded, you can and will become the type of inclusion leader companies need most. 


Find out exactly what’s been holding you back. No more trying figure it out on your own. Using the latest, scientifically validated tools used by the Fortune 500 to coach CEOs and high-potential leaders, we'll identify your biggest opportunities for fastest growth, and leverage them.


Master the unwritten rules of the game. The Western corporate game is a whole different world than the one in which you grew up. Gain clarity once and for all on how the game really works. We’ll be in your corner, guiding you to play it like a pro.

"Thanks to Joy’s guidance, I truly learned to separate my emotions from the facts of each situation, and that led me to gradually grew into a rational, steady and mature professional and leader. Now, anytime I’m under pressure, or feel anxious, I recall her words,  release my emotions, and then carefully choose my words. If you want to grow quickly in your career, Joy will be your very best executive coach ever. "

王夏裴 Peggy Wang testimonial for Joy Chen

王夏裴 Peggy Wang

"Under Joy’s guidance, I learned how to gain true equality and respect as a woman in the workplace in the most skillful way. She helped me become more confident and more self-aware, so that I can face more challenges and expand the possibilities of my life. Through her help, I’ve grown my leadership capacity, and have ascended from a small worker to a core leadership role on my team."

Shirley Hou testimonial for Joy Chen

侯潇怡 Shirley Hou

"Joy's smile is like California sunshine. She’s given me huge help on my career path: how to build my strengths? How to get unstuck? How to move forward step by step? From Joy, I’ve learned to achieve excellence on the little steps, while still focusing on the big picture. Under Joy’s guidance, I’ve become more courageous. When faced with obstacles and challenges, I am no longer alone. Joy is by my side."

徐磊 Sarah Xu testimonial for Joy Chen

徐磊 Sarah Xu

"I am grateful for having met JOY at a critical moment in my life. Under her guidance, I now feel calmly in control over my work, relationships and life.  I now feel a sense of great possibility ahead. And my leadership skills continue to increase day by day.  JOY also influences me by how she excels in multiple roles – as a deeply capable and trustworthy professional, a sharp and courageous leader, and a confident and charismatic female celebrity.

Joy’s smile is so contagious! There seem to be stars hidden in the corners of his eyes. By her side, you’ll always feel relaxed and at ease.

If you are considering Joy as your executive coach, I sincerely want to say: By choosing Joy, you not only will gain an executive coach and mentor, you’ll also be expanding all the possibilities of your life. Just do it!"


胡晓洁 Jojo Hu

    Smash Glass with Joy

    Gain access to the easiest, fastest way to smashing the glass ceiling.
    Small-group and 1:1 executive and leadership coaching opportunities
    available now on a limited basis.

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