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Joy’s keynote speech was second to none. Our CEO and other senior executives were especially pleased. Our event was a huge success!
Sammi Li
Flagstar Bank
Joy brings a rare combination of expertise and entertainment which made our session feel serious but approachable. Joy was extremely engaging, inspiring and just an overall pleasure to work with!
Janet Cho
Joy was very powerful and inspiring. Thank you for your unique perspectives. It was so illuminating!!!
Joy is truly one of a kind, so inspiring and captivating. The 1.5 hour went very fast. It was a joy to listen to and learn from Joy’s insights and advice.
Michelle Lu
The interactions with Joy. The research results Joy shared. Joy's personal story. I loved it all, but especially the practical advice that she gave.

Joy Chen 

Joy Chen (陈愉) is a business and civic leader who a business and civic leader who for decades has been expanding inclusion and equity across organizations and societies. She is CEO of JOYOUS, a human capital consulting firm which uses AI and analytics to help companies operationalize inclusion.

Prior to forming JOYOUS, Joy served as Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles, in which capacity she launched workforce innovations which have resulted in access to new skills and jobs for millions. Joy also served as a Principal with the global executive search firm and leadership consulting firm Heidrick & Struggles. 
Widely recognized as a global leader in creating inclusion, Joy has been profiled by media including the Wall Street Journal, CNN, CBS News, ABC News, the Los Angeles Times and Vogue China.  

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Joy Chen 陈愉

Sample Presentation Topics

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How to be a more powerful leader and ally in a multi-cultural world

In our rapidly changing multi-cultural world, the leaders of tomorrow are those who can effectively connect with a diverse array of people. How can we each build the networks we need to succeed in our careers –and what are the pitfalls we’ll face along the way?

Don’t miss this fun and riveting journey into:

  • The fascinating brain science behind how exclusion grows in society and in the workplace

  • Science-based strategies we each can use to build more powerful connections with others

  • Science-based strategies we each can use to become a better ally and contribute to a more inclusive culture

This be a highly interactive event. Get ready to discuss solutions to the most urgent and important problems shaping all our careers!

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Joy Chen speaks for Mercedes

DEI at the cutting edge:

How to use big data to operationalize inclusion

Aside from being the right thing to do, creating inclusion pays off for companies by enabling them to attract and retain the most diverse and talented people. But despite the benefits, most companies struggle to foster feelings of inclusion for the majority of their people. How can we systematically create environments where everyone can grow and succeed and be happy?

Don't miss this fascinating dive into the cutting edge of HR and technology, where advances in data analytics now allow us to directly map and measure inclusion, allowing us to:

  • Diversify leadership succession with our hidden diverse leaders of influence

  • Pinpoint which behaviors enable inclusion given our organization’s culture and processes, so that we can enable and incentivize all to create inclusion

  • Activate culture change throughout your organization by tapping our diverse hidden leaders of influence.


Watch Joy present a version of this presentation tailored to the unique barriers facing Asian Americans as a keynote address for the Asia Society 2022.  

Watch Joy's Asia Society keynote >

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How to be a better ally to AAPI and all people

Thanks to stereotypes of Asian Americans as the model minority, many people assume that they’re highly successful.  In fact, research shows that among all demographic groups, Asians reported feeling the least included, with only 16% of Asian men and 20% of Asian women saying they felt fully included at work. 

Don't miss this riveting journey into:

  • The fascinating brain science behind why Asian Americans face exclusion in the U.S. society and workplace

  • Data-backed strategies for how as individuals, we all can dismantle barriers and lead more powerfully

  • Data-backed strategies for how as allies we can dismantle glass ceilings for AAPI and all people.

This presentation is especially suited for large-scale company events, as part of a fireside chat with the company CEO. It is perfect as an event sponsored by an Asian Employee Resource Group.

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The power of belonging in action

Born in the United States to an immigrant family, renowned business leader and former Los Angeles Deputy Mayor Joy Chen started out as a shy Chinese girl whose biggest heartache was that she didn't know how to talk to white people. In this speech, she relays her personal journey to the top of three careers on three continents.

Joy traces how her upward climb began with a single, simple act of belonging. She weaves in to her story the fascinating brain science behind how as humans we all group together in ways that result in a lack of belonging for others not in our groups. Most importantly, Joy ends with powerful advice on how we each can create belonging for others and at the same time, turn ourselves into the powerful inclusion leaders the world needs now.

This event is especially suited for large-scale company events, with an introduction of Joy by the company CEO or other senior executive.


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Especially for Asian Employee Resource Groups:

“Smart, hardworking⁠—and lacking leadership skills?” How to overcome bias so you can ascend

Most Americans assume that Asian Americans are highly successful, but the truth is, we are the least likely of any group to be promoted in Corporate America. We’re 12% of the workforce – and 1.5% of Fortune 500 corporate officers. Why does the bamboo ceiling exist, and how can we dismantle it?

Don't miss this riveting journey into:

  • The fascinating brain science behind the Asian American glass ceiling, aka “bamboo ceiling”

  • The unwritten rules of the corporate game, and how to use organizational psychology to build the network you need to move up

This be a highly interactive event. Get ready to discuss solutions to the most urgent and important problems shaping all our careers!


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