Operationalize inclusion

in the fastest and easiest way using Organizational Network Analysis



At JOYOUS, our team includes the world's leading experts in using Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) to optimize workforce retention and effectiveness.

We use ONA to help you: 
  • Diversify your leadership succession pipeline with those who have trust and influence with your diverse employees
  • Retain and motivate your diverse rising talent by better integrating them into company networks
  • Celebrate and reward your Inclusion Champions, thus strongly messaging your commitment to inclusion. 
  • Pinpoint which behaviors enable inclusion given your organization’s culture and processes, so that you can enable and incentivize all to create inclusion
  • Activate culture change throughout your organization by tapping your hidden leaders of influence. 
An ONA incorporates millions of bits of data. It’s an X-ray of the invisible networks of relationship and collaboration inside an organization.

Organizational Network Analysis map by JOYOUS


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Our latest thought leadership

Watch our CEO Joy Chen's keynote address for the Asia Society 2022 Global Talent, Diversity & Inclusion Symposium on how to use big data to operationalize inclusion.

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Read our brand-new white paper on how to use Organizational Network Analysis to operationalize inclusion.

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