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Dear event organizer: 

A message for you from Joy

By now, I've given speeches all over the world, from auditoriums of thousands to intimate groups of dozens. I tailor each speech to each unique audience.

I'll collaborate with you to ensure that my presentation helps you achieve your goal, whether that is to develop more effective leaders, or to enable your people to better shape their career trajectory.

My speeches blend engaging research with real-life stories and practical tips that audience members can use right away. My goal is not just to entertain or to educate. It’s to help you build lasting change in your organization. I'll leave your audience feeling energized and empowered to take action and make an impact.

I look forward to partnering with you. 

By the way, I offer training workshops on a pro bono basis for select Asian American non-profits. If you are a non-profit leader, I thank you for your service to our community and welcome you to reach out.


About Joy Chen

JOYOUS founder Joy Chen is a world-renowned executive coach whom the Wall Street Journal calls a "Lean-In Guru" and the Los Angeles Times refers to simply as "The Networker." She formerly served as a Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles and as an executive search consultant to Fortune 500 companies.

Now, she's here to give Asian Americans the insider guidance they need to smash the glass  ceiling, get to the top, and lead lives of greater impact and joy.

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Speech Topics

Below are sample topics. Please contact Joy if you’d like to discuss a customized presentation.

Smash the Asian American Glass Ceiling

Asian Americans are America's most educated group -- and the least likely to get promoted. Why? Globally renown leadership coach Joy Chen – a former Los Angeles Deputy Mayor and former Fortune 500 executive search consultant – gives us an insider’s look at how companies choose leaders, and what you can do to smash the glass ceiling.

You will learn:

  • How companies really choose leaders (hint: it's not about how hard you work)
  • How our upbringing shapes our workplace behaviors -- and ultimate success or failure
  • What you can do to break through the Asian American glass ceiling and move up the corporate pyramid.

Develop Your Emotional Intelligence for Greater Career Success and Happiness

As Asian Americans, we're often stereotyped as the technical experts who lack social skills. So, what exactly are the social and emotional skills that companies seek when choosing whom to promote? Globally renown leadership coach Joy Chen – a former Los Angeles Deputy Mayor and former Fortune 500 executive search consultant – shows us why the #1 thing companies seek in a leader is “emotional intelligence.”

Joy will us an expert view of how we each can develop our emotional intelligence for greater career success. As a side benefit, research shows increased emotional intelligence leads to increased happiness!

This can be a one-hour speech, or a half- or full-day workshop.

You will learn:

  • The components of emotional intelligence and how it helps us lead with and through others
  • How to become more aware of how your behavior is driven by your thoughts and feelings
  • How to deeply understand others so that you can better connect and get others to like and trust you

Yes, You Can Become a Master at Networking

Everyone knows that to climb the corporate ladder, you need a strong professional network. But how do you develop a network without feeling fake, or worse, like you’re trying to use people? Globally renown leadership coach Joy Chen – a former Los Angeles Deputy Mayor and former Fortune 500 executive search consultant – explains how to build your network in a way that feels authentic and comfortable to you.

You will learn how to:

  • Make small talk and really connect with anyone

  • Be assertive without coming across as arrogant

  • Leave every conversation with people feeling good about you

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